Welcome to Daily SPARC – each weekday our chaplains, friends from the Penn Religious Communities Council and other voices from campus will be posting messages of support and encouragement. 

Today’s message is by Penn student, Cassandra Jobman C’21: 

If you’re anything like me, this quarantine has been a weird mix of emotions. I’ve felt simultaneously disconnected and severed from myself and the world, while also being overwhelmed by it. Reality feels miles away and yet, persistently knocking on my front door at the same time by the means of technology, the media, and never ending deadlines.

I tried to express this confusing and dueling experience through drawing. (Basically a bald head bobbing through the universe.)

But, thank God, really, thank God, for my anchors–the things that pull my little bald head back to and into myself. For me, these anchors have been music (hit me up for ALL music suggestions!), my Bible, prayer, and a few good people that know me well.

Sometimes, I still sense myself drifting through the outer space of social distancing and social media, but remembering these ropes of hope pull me back. And I know that I will once again, become one again. And I know you will, too.