Religious Dining on Campus

SPARC works closely with Penn Dining and our student religious communities to support students with a wide range of religious dietary needs.  Please contact Associate Chaplain Steve Kocher with questions.

Visit Penn Dining for more information.

Please see below for specific information about halal & kosher options on campus.  

Halal Dining Fall 2021

Kings Court English House:

Kings Court English House is serving Halal meats in partnership with Penn’s Muslim Student Association. We serve chicken and ground beef, which are prepared to the MSA trained specifications.

Please refer to the COR icons (symbols) on each weekly menu to ascertain which items are made with halal meat.

King’s Court English House is open 5 days a week to all students using Meal Swipes, Dining Dollars, Penn Cash, SFS, cash, and credit.

Additional Options:

Students will also be able to find a wide range of vegetarian and vegan meal options at all Penn Dining Cafes

Halal options can also be found at Houston Market using Dining Dollars, PennCash, cash, credit, and through the Meal Exchange program which accepts meal swipes during normal hours of operations. Gourmet Grocer also stocks a range of halal grocery items and frozen entrées.

If you ever need assistance finding Halal options within any of these locations, please ask to speak with a manager – they will be happy to assist you.

Kosher Dining Fall 2021

Falk Dining Cafe:

Falk Dining Cafe is the kosher cafe, located on the first floor of the Hillel building at 39th and Locust Walk.  All food is prepared glatt kosher and under the supervision of the Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia.  

Falk Dining Commons accepts Meal Swipes, Dining Dollars, PennCash, cash, and credit. 

Additional Options:

Kosher “to go” options can also be found at Houston Market & 1920 Gourmet Grocer using Dining Dollars, PennCash, Cash, and Credit.  At Houston Market, please use Penn Eats to place orders in advance to reduce lines and minimize your wait times.  Kosher items can be found under “Ivy Leaf and Street Cart” with their own designated section.

Gourmet Grocer also stocks a range of kosher grocery items.