The award was founded in 1957 and is named for Rabbi Stephen Wise (1874-1949), a prominent religious leader and early champion for social justice and civil rights. Each year this award recognizes graduating seniors “who have greatly strengthened relationships among faith communities by their character, personality and leadership.” 

2020 Recipients

Catherine Campbell – selected for her investment in interfaith projects on campus, including PRISM and the iBelieve course, and also for your dedication to caring for your fellow students. 

Jackson Foltz –  selected for his leadership to Penn’s Christian community on campus and for the efforts he has put into building interfaith community. Also for awarded for his consistent and uplifting presence in SPARC.

Tafshena Khan – selected for her investment in Penn’s Muslim community, for her kindness at all times, and for her gracious leadership through challenging times.

Previous Recipients

2019 Zuhaib Badami
2019 Elana Burack
2019 Aliya Farmanali
2018 Nayab Khan
2018 Madeline Gelfand
2017 Sophie Beren
2017 Gautam Nagaraj
2017 Chaz Smith
2017 Eric Tepper
2016 Aliza Caplan
2016 Andrea Muglia
2016 Aardra Rajendran
2015 Shira Papir
2015 Hanna Elmongy
2014 Anna Maria Garuccio
2014 Julie Berez
2014 Muhga Eltigani
2013 Alexandra Fuchs
2013 Sean Nadel
2013 Mohammed Hussain
2012 Maria Bellantoni
2011 Roxana Sahar Moussavian
2011 Ariel Benjamin Fisher