Welcome to Daily SPARC – each weekday our chaplains, friends from the Penn Religious Communities Council and other voices from campus will be posting messages of support and encouragement.

Today’s message is from our very own chaplain Steve Kocher:

We all know this is a stressful week, coming in the middle of what has already been such a challenging and anxiety producing season… so here are a few simple prayers that we are offering for all of you who are facing finals and projects (or mountains of grading!) this week.

If you can, try to take a few minutes each day for prayer or meditation or reflection.  You could use some of these prompts if you like – but also know that you have so many people (like us) who love you, are rooting for you, and praying for you this week – and we’re here if you need to talk/vent too.  We know you’ve got this!

3 Simple Prayers for a Finals Week in Quarantine:

Clear minds – We’re praying for REST, clarity and space to focus this week.  Most of that stuff that feels urgent really can wait, even in the midst of this most distracting quarantine season.




Trust – We’re praying for trust in yourself and the hard work you’ve put in all year, gentleness with yourself through the challenges of this week, and trust in your greater purpose to come (that could never be measured by any exam).







Peace – You are not your GPA, nothing that happens this week defines you.  We’re praying for peace and contentment whatever the outcome of finals.