While we can’t host our annual Navratri Garba in Weightman Gym this year, we’re excited to continue the tradition in a virtual format!
Join Penn HJA on October 23 in celebrating the Hindu festival of Navratri!
First, we’ll explain the significance of Navratri/Garba.
Then, we’ll be hosting a “HJA’s Got Talent” Game Show, where people will submit videos for the following:
1) Best Choreography
2) Best Comedy Sketch
3) Best Parody/Spoof (songs, movies, etc.)
4) Best Hidden Talent (magic tricks, party tricks, unique skills, etc.)
** Videos can be filmed in whatever medium/format (TikTok, Instagram Reels, regular phone videos, etc.)
** Videos can be at max 60-90 seconds. Individual or group submissions allowed (If group, only one person in the group needs to fill out this form).
** You are allowed to submit videos for multiple categories, but you can only win in one.
** Please submit videos at https://tinyurl.com/HJAvideoform by October 23 at 2pm EDT!
** Please fill out this form for EACH video you are submitting.
We’ll show everyone’s videos during the October 23 event! Top three winners in each category will win the following:
1st place: HJA Merch!!
2nd place: $10 Amazon Gift Card
3rd place: Dessert of Choice 🙂 (Boba, Froyo, etc.)
*Rankings will be determined by audience choice.
*Winners must be present during the October 23 event to claim their prize!
We’ll also play fun Navratri/Garba-themed games!
Finally, we’ll end Garba 2020 dancing the night away to some Bollywood bangers. Come ready to show off your best moves 🙂
Please reach out to us if you have any questions! We can’t wait to see you all there!! Hit Going and invite all your friends!!