Welcome to Daily SPARC – each weekday our chaplains, friends from the Penn Religious Communities Council and other voices from campus will be posting messages of support and encouragement.

Today’s message is from Rev. Megan LeCluyse, Campus Minister & Director of the Christian Association (better known as the CA):


I’ve been realizing how good a change of scene is for our well-being,
whether it’s walking to class, going to work, etc.

It’s hard when we are staying inside our living spaces to not start to feel cooped up,
tired of seeing the same walls.

Each day, I’ve been trying to get in a run or long walk,
and I’m reminding myself to pay attention to the signs that spring is coming.

The beauty of flowers and trees blooming with all kinds of colors and shapes is all around us.
And it reminds me that seasons come and go, just as this season of our lives will.

As the old saying goes, stop and smell the roses (or the other flowers),
and I hope it gives you the sense of hope that it provides me!